The fastest way to grow your brand with the leader in DosingTechnology.We develop custom BlastMax dosing caps for worldwide brands in every category.

BlastMax is the MARKET LEADER in dosing technology.

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BlastMax Benefits

Extensive IP Library

Working with BlastMax means there is protected IP on Dosing Technology throughout the world.

Dosing Cap Expertise

No other company has designed as many custom enclosures as we have.

Ingredient Technology

Launch a product with one of our pre formulated blends or custom formula, or let us package yours.

Manufacturing Experience

We have the facilities to manufacture, fill, & seal your product. We also custom Mfg filling and sealing equipment for your needs from 10 per minute to 600 per minute.

Pharmaceutical Grade Facilities

Our manufacturing facilitates are already pharma grade.

Dedicated Support

We will help you every step of the way.

what about cost...

Because all the ingredients are in the Blast Cap you do not have to use traditional hot fill process using thick wall PET bottles, now you can use cold fill bottles reducing the weight by up to 200% - 400%. You also can eliminate hot fill packaging all together and not be bound to the enormous cost and huge minimum runs. This leads to a significant reduction of cost.
Utilizing the Blast Cap Technology you now have the opportunity not only to eliminate many harsh chemicals that are a must in most drinks to keep them stable on the shelf but to develop your formula for what you want and NOT what you have to have due to chemical reaction. This technology allows you to offer the most nutritious drink on planet earth without DNA altering and Cell mutation ingredients. This technology is simply the best any way you slice or dice it!!!
In most all beverages and drinks on the market are hot filled. Depending on where you are in the United States they can be located anywhere from 300 – 600 miles from your end destination. Now with Blast Caps you can drop ship them to local water bottling co-packing facilities within a few miles from the store, warehouse of end facility for sale. This greatly reduces costs including elimination or reduction of trucks, fuel, drivers, overhead, tolls, taxes, maintenance, large volume runs and more…

We're not the only ones excited about BlastMax...

Over 2 BILLION CAPS SHIPPED, projected by 2017, on 5 continents and growing.....