Frequently Asked Questions

Blast Max works with ingredient and nutritional powder companies around the world and can help formulate your product you need and to flavor, color and sweeten it correctly depending on the active ingredients. If you have your formula you have already created we can also quote on your same formula in the geographic areas of the world you are selling your product in to assure the most cost effective and quality product for your company to help reduce pricing for logistical and ingredient pricing.

Because we have so many models, styles and technologies in the dosing caps and mold, they vary in cost depending on quantity and mold size on the generic dosing caps for startup companies and test markets. Blast Max primarily custom manufactures dosing cap molds using Blast Max IP for our client’s wants, needs and desires. We can manufacture dosing caps for virtually any size container and any size dosing chamber requirement ranging from 1/16 gram to over 50 grams. Cost depends on size of the molds, production rates, model of dosing cap, gram weight of the dosing cap and from what country they are produced in and what category of use the dosing cap will be sold in.

We have agreements with ingredient companies that are ISO 9000, GRAS and other approved facilities that can fill and seal for our customer’s needs, they are located throughout the world and more are being installed constantly due to the production and demand on dosing caps around the world. We also can custom manufacture filling and sealing machines for our clients based on volume needs. Machines can have production speeds ranging from 10-15 caps sealed per minute to 600 per minute and more. Seal machines can range from $2,000 – $500,000 or more depending on the requirement needs.

Hot Fill heats up the liquid (juice, vitamin drinks, energy drinks, vegetable drinks and so on) to a very high heat to help kill all germs, bacteria and microorganisms, in doing so anything that is hot filled (god and bad) is destroyed or greatly destroyed including valuable enzymes, vitamins etc… making now that vitamin drink or juice drink virtually inactive with the reason why you purchased it in the first place. Blast Max dosing caps have the fresh powder hermetically sealed in the cap without chemicals, stabilizers and preservatives thus allowing a drink to be not only the most potent, freshest and purest, but the healthiest drink anyone can drink after you Blast it next to fresh squeezed. Furthermore hot fill requires heavy duty thick wall PET bottles that are actually an environmental disaster as these bottles can use up to 400% more plastic than thin wall (like a water bottle) PET bottles but the manufacturing process demands this huge waste otherwise there wouldn’t be any drinks on the market such as vegetable and fruit juices, sport drinks, energy drinks, protein drinks vitamin drinks and so on… With Blast Max dosing caps you now can eliminate all hot filing process and expensive bottles and large volume runs. Think Green-Think Blast Max